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essential oils


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Anointing using oils

Anointing your body

Focus on your intent for using the oil. Use an inward motion (toward you) to attract things into your life (such as love, money, luck, and such like things.)Use an outward motion (away from you) to be rid of negative influences (such as ill health, evil spirits). Do not move in alternate directions, either inward or outward.

Anointing a candle

Mentally divide the candle into two parts. Starting in the middle, rub the oil towards the candles wick. Starting at the middle again, rub the oil towards the bottom. Do not rub up and down. Focus on your intent while doing this.

Anointing bath water

Add a few drops to 1/3 - 1/2 cup of milk (this is the carrier for the oil) and add to your bath water. Do not add any soap or bubbles to the water as it will upset any vibrational energies. Soak in the water and meditate on your desire. MENTAL NOTE - this type of bath is used before a ritual or spell and is not intended for washing in, though may be used at any other time for relaxation or anything like it.

Blending oils

Assemble the oils called for in a recipe. In a clean, sterilized jar, add 1/8 cup of one of the following vegetable oils: Safflower, sunflower, coconut, apricot kernel, jojoba, almond, hazelnut, grapeseed or olive oil.
Using an eye dropper, or the single drop dispensers included on most bottles of essential oil, add the oils according to the recipe.
Swirl the oils into the base oil, don't stir.
Store the oils away from heat, light and moisture in an airtight, opaque or dark coloured glass bottle. Label them and include the date.


Air oil

5 drops Lavender
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Neroli

Wear to invoke the powers of Air and to promote clear thinking, for travel spells and to overcome addictions.
Earth oil

4 drops Patchouly
4 drops Cypress

Wear to invoke the powers of the Earth to bring money, prosperity, abundance, stability and foundation.
Fire oil

3 drops Ginger
2 drops Rosemary
1 drop Clove
1 drop Petitgrain

Wear to invoke the powers of fire, such as energy, courage, strength, love, passion and so on.
Water oil

3 drops Palmarosa
2 drops Ylang-Ylang
1 drop Jasmine

Wear t promote love, healing, psychic awareness, purification, protection, etc.

4 drops Frankincense
2 drops Myrrh
1 drop Cedar

Anoint the altar with this oil at regular intervals, calling on your Deity (Deities) to watch over over it.
Anointing oil

5 drops Sandalwood
3 drops Cedarwood
1 drop Orange
1 drop Lemon

Use for general ritual anointing purposes.
Aphrodite oil

5 drops Cypress
2 drops Cinnamon
1 small piece of dried Orris root

Add all ingrediants to a base oil. Anoint your body to bring love into your life (don't think of a specific person!).
Astral travel

5 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Ylang-Ylang
1 drop Cinnamon

Anoint the stomach, wrists, back of neck, and forehead. Lie down and visualize yourself astral traveling.
Businees success oil

3 drops Bergamot Mint Bouquet
1 drop Basil
1 drop Patchouly
1 pinch ground Cinnamon

Anoint the hands, cash register, business card or the front door of the place of business to increase cash flow.
Citrus purification oil

3 drops Orange
2 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Lemon
1 drop Lime

Anoint white candles and burn in the home to purify it.
Courage oil

3 drops Ginger
1 drop Black Pepper
1 drop Clove

Wear to increase your courage, especially before being introduced to people, prior to public speaking, and other nerve wracking situations.
Energy oil

4 drops Orange
2 drops Lime
1 drop Cardamon

Wear when feeling depleted, when ill, or just to strengthen your energy reserves. Used especially after magickal rituals to recharge your body.
Fast money oil

7 drops Patchouly
5 drops Cedarwood
4 drops Vetivert
2 drops Ginger

Wear, rub on hands, or anoint green candles to bring money. Also anoint money before spending to ensure it's return.
Healing oil

4 drops Rosemary
2 drops Juniper
1 drop Sandalwood

Wear to speed healing
Initiation oil

3 drops Frankincense
3 drops Myrrh
1 drop Sandalwood

Use for mystic initiation ceremonies and also to increase your awareness of the spiritual realm.
Interview oil

4 drops Ylang-Ylang
3 drops Lavender
1 drop Rose

Wear to interviews of all kinds to help calm you. Helps make a favorable impression.
Lunar oil

4 parts Sandalwood
2 parts Camphor
1 part Lemon

Wear to invoke the Goddess within.
Moon oil

1 drop Jasmine
1 drop Sandalwood

Wear to induce psychic dreams, to speed healing, to facilitate sleep, to increase fertility, and for all other Lunar influences.
Peace oil

3 drops Ylang-Ylang
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Camomile
1 drop Rose

Wear when nervous or upset to calm you down. Stand before a mirror, and while looking into your eyes, anoint your body.
Protection oil

4 drops Basil
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Pine
1 drop Vetivert

Wear for protection against all kinds of attacks. Also anoint windows doors, doors and other parts of the house to protect it.
Psychic oil

5 drops Lemongrass
1 drop Yarrow

Wear to increase psychic powers, especially when working with rune stones, quartz crystal spheres and other such tools.

2 drops Rose
1 drop Jasmine
1 drop Camomile

Anoint the temples, neck, pulses of both wrists and soles of the feet to bring on natural sleep.
Visions oil

4 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Bay
1 drop Nutmeg

Anoint the forehead to produce psychic awareness.

4 drops Tonka Bouquet
1 drop Vetivert

Wear to increase your wealth.

Magickal oils


Adrel....This oil brings happiness, use it as a perfume or use in anointing.
Against Harm....This oil will give you protection from your enemies
All Saint....This oil will assure success in your work and endeavors
Ambrosia....To attract love
Apricot....An aphrodisiac


Banana....Used to rid of a situation that is holding you down
Basil....Prosperity in business
Bayberry....Attracts money
Beneficial Dream....For a good nights sleep
Blue Cohosh....Eases emotional pain


Canola....Cleanses your home of negativity
Cashew....Helps rid stress (rubbed on throat or wrists)
Cherry Blossom....Opens opportunities for you (when looking for a job, rub this oil on the soles of your feet and behind your ears)
Cinnamon....An uncrossing oil


Desire....An aphrodisiac to arouse passion
Double Luck....Gambling (rub on your palms before playing any game of chance)


Easy....Helps a situation to go smoothly
Eucalyptus....A healing oil (great for headaches and colds)
Evil Eye....Protects you from curses and negativity sent to you
Eyebright....Enhances your psychic awareness


Fairy....Call on the aid of the Fae (anoin the palms, heart and middle of forehead)
Fast Money....Self explanatory!


Ginger....Good for use in workings in rituals or magick
Goddess....Enhances respect and admiration from others when worn by a woman


Hazelnut....To gain wisdom, anoint your third eye
Heart....Anoint your heart with this oil for your wishes to come true


Irresistable....Wear this oil to attract the opposite sex
Isis....Heighten a dying relationship, or start a new one by wearing this oil


Jasmine....An all purpose oil. Use it to bring love, sex and money
Job....To gain a job or to keep the one you've got


Keep Away Evil....To keep away enemies and evil spirits


Lavender....Has many uses. Used for peace of mind, to promote love, attract men, purification and to sleep well
Lemon Blossom....Good oil to find answers in tough situations


Marigold....Powerful oil used for protection
Memory....Anoint your forehead to help remember important information


Nervous....Use when tense or nervous. Add to bath water or a white candle
Notre Dame Oil....Used to keep sickness at bay and to protect from evil


Orris Root....Used to attract friendship and money


Patchouly....Used to attract love and money. Also used to keep "urking" people away. Very powerful in works of magick


Red Thyme....Used to give courage in any situation
Rose....To attract love and friendship, anoint yourself or a candle


Sandalwood....Very powerful in magickal workings or rituals. A healing oil, and can also heighten your psychic abilities
Seduction....Self explanatory!


Ti....Sprinkle some under your bed while you sleep and it will protect you


Vanilla....Brings good luck, and used to attract love and lust


Walnut....Put on forehead to prevent headaches. Also helps to increase mental clarity

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