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merlin's sacred space
write your own spells


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~writing your very own spells!~

writing your own sells is easy. but it can get diffucult.
be ever remindful of the law of three. i can turn around and bite you in the ass. now for the work lets just do it this way its easier for the both of us.

( write all this in a page from your b.o.s.)

what is the reason for this spell/ ritual? :

what is it that is needed to preform the spell/ ritual: (you might wanna research this, giving that everything
is different. like the traditional colors, candle colors, altar cloth colors, anything and everything including the moon phases) keep this all in mind.

what exactlly are you going to write.

how to preform the ritual, and what to do:

cast the circle:

do whatever gets you in the mood to work magick.

call the watchtowers.

then state what it is your doing by preforming it in the circle.

give thanks to the sprits that helped and watched over you. and tell them they may leave.

and ofcourse. banish the circle.

last but not least, record the out come!

thats pretty much it and it's very simple.

*note*-( the first few spells you write might not work. but you know the old saying, if at first you don''t succeed, try, try again! thats the one! always do what you think is right for that is the way of the witch. not what others preach.)