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merlin's sacred space
my town, and its crazy people that live here


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i will take you on a mystical journey where time has no meaning but life itself has everything to do with this places beauty. its what the people here in town call the little grand canyon.*lol, this spot dosen't really look anything like a canyon* its is very beautiful though. i'll take you to what i call, the vally of love. we will visit it at dawn on the day i can buy a digital camera.

let me tell you about it so you have an idea what it looks like. ther is a sign hen you enter this small infinsed gateway, it reads the little grand canyon. well, i just jump the fince and walk down the lush filled cacti growwing, yucca filled vally when i get to the bottem i start up a rousing campfire when, usually, a ciyote starts howling in the background after i yell at the top of my lungs hello. *i never get a responce back though*(besides the ciyote) when i venture farther when the sun comes out i can see the town i live in. it looks so small from up there. there are a set of sattilites up on the rim of the drop off. its at a steep little walk back to the top but its worth it, at about 6:15am, when you make your way to the top look back at the valley and see the beautiful postcard looking sun rise. the most beautiful colors in the sky and the reason for me to be up so earily. the cop here hates me. i get introuble alot for cerfew.* i pratice at night* and when i walk that way he becomes a ass hole with a hard on for giving me tickets.

this is the small town i live in the nake isn't important but the village it self looks like some old out dated town from tombstone the movie except with paved roads and glass doors.

the people like to gossip, so i pretty much stay to myself. its hard living in this small ass town on the border of nebraska, colorado, and kansas. actually i live in nebraska but the borders are all close enough to walk to get across the state line. i am moving here shortly and i hope to have my own place where me and my girlfriend can stay. her parents treat her like shit and i want to bat the fuck out of her step father, but i can't do nothing for her because she is a christian and she believe's that if i did (bind him) it would kill him or something. so i have to put up with this til she gets enough encoragment from me to do as she wishes. but i love her and she loves me and thats what her parents have a problem with.

here is an example of how cray it is here, cory, a 14 year old wanna be skater, he has hurt himself a great number of time's while doing all the bike, roller blade, skateboard tricks he knows. while crazy j, a friend that once lived here( a wiccan in training) is just crazy, we party together and he was the crazy one out of all of us./ talking alot of shit and amazingly, dose what he says he's going to, j is horney 24/7. thats all he really talks about. kyle, a kinda crazy person works his days away, and when he aint working he either parties with some of us or he try's to play some video games, he['s bored 24/7. ryan, cory's older brother(16) try's to fit in, he dose it all from smoking weed to sitting at home doing nothind, the kid is col, but needs to wake up and relize there's more to life than sitting around all day watching t.v.
i should learn to heed my own advice though. i too, sit on my butt and do nothing all day except study to become a wiser man. there's alot more people to list but to do so would take over the intire amount of limited web space so, ill podst them opn my other site, my sister site going to be built shortly. this is my bos, and by all means feel free to go through it. but beware, only pure of heart, wise of mind/person,and spirit, vertious in almost every way my do what i am going to help you to learn. see, i have this thing about you writing your own spells and your own rituals but i feel you can control this responcability. no, i think you should write your own still. its easuier than most would think. to learn how, press the clickable icon down below to enter this relam of power within your own spirit, body and mind, as well as how to make yourself a better person. by that i mean a person of a divine nature!
not one ho, if had the chance would try to harm another or themselfs with this old tradition of ways to make yourself better. read and learn the elementals and there properties and amongst other things very simuliar.