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The Temple Of Truth
Den OF Darkness


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Welcome to the Den Of Darkness!


Well then you have taken a like ness to necromancy and wish to learn or wish to find links to necromanciers web sites, well wither way friend, you have found a home here at the den of darkness! All we ask is that you email messiah of darkness ( a high priest of necromancy )who in turn is willing to teach those that want it the ways of darkness. hehe, well the email button is down at the bottem of the page, if your in the dallas area maybe you can meet him! hmm, is there anything else to ad right at this time? oh yeah, we would like to tell you that necromancy isnt the best place to start out magick, but if you must then go ahead, thats what the high priest is for. hehe, messiah of darkness, where would we be without you? lol, later!

"Four Corners Of The Tomb"

Here I Call Upon The Four Corners Of The Tomb.
The Major Four Spirits Of Death.
I Call Forth The Firt Spirit "Pestilence"
I Call Forth The Secound Spirit "(Other Horsemen)"
I Call Forth The Third Spirit "(Other Horseman)"
I Call Forth The Fourth Spirit "(Other Horseman)"
And I call Upon The Center Of The Tomb, The Spirit Of The Creator Of
necromancy, He Whom Controls All Spirits, My Master And My Lord, Death
As Your Named, The Reaper.

How to do this Ritual:
1)Draw Pentagram on ground.
2)Place a black candle at each corner.
3)Sit in center surrounded by skulls.
4)light candles.
5)Meditate While Repeating Prayer.
6)When spirits visit you tell themwhy you called forth them, when they
have done their job, you will hear 5 roars in the sky. If you wished
someone dead a lightning bolt will strike if that person is dead.

at the time being, we have no sites that feature necromancy, so again i say to email the Messiah Of Darkness and learn from him. so again, if you want to add some cool sites then email messiah down below and may darkness be upon you!


~Messiah OF Darkness~