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The Temple Of Truth
The Mages Guild


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Welcome to merlins magecraft guild, here is a list of links, spells and everything a mage needs to start his/her magickal quest for knolwedge.

the true mage makes is mark when he is ready to learn. you must learn from allspiritualities before you can learn about magecraft, i myself study all forms of magick, as you should as well. Hmmm, on this page you will find alot of magecraft info and a few other topics like magick and how to use it, spells, links, rituals, cerimonies, how to build your psychic powers, hoe to use ki energy, how to use magick, energy, divination, how to make energy and use it, how to steal energy from all around you, how to see mind links and teathers, how to practice in discreat, etc....

i am here to open the door of magick to you, if you wish to learn all of these skill one must know that nothing is impossible, you as a human, or whatever, are made up of energy, everything has energy from the elements and they are the power behind all. this isnt wicca or a paganism, because we dont believe in the three fold law. i can open a door of great wisdom and knowledge, you have to walk in and find the awnsers for yourself.

i am going to tell you how to find the power and a little on how to use it, you will have to learn on your own to make you a better mage. its simple and once you learn, you will better understand the universe.


the mage is basically a magick user, no more, no less! if you wish to learn then study all that you have an intrest in, like i have magecraft/vampyrism/sorcerery/necromancy/black magick, white magick/ meditation/astaral projection/ spells of distructive and good nature/ deities of both good and bad/and various other magicks, mostly i am an inchanter and spellcaster. There are alot of different occult things to study, one of which is the left hand path, i suggest if you have a distructive nature to follow this path, i am a good/bad person, that of grey magick, i can handle both of them very well. mopst cant, im a rare breed. i have a few links for finding out what to learn for invoking spirits and various other topics below, i will name there pourposes. i wont let you learn from the mouth but by the hand. are you ready to learn? if so then click a link that you wish to learn from:


this site is the best to go to for a beginner mage. beautiful graphix's, this site is highly recommended for the beginner!

house hekat