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The Temple Of Truth
Lord Kain's guild ( rpg)


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welcome to the home of Lord Kain, this is his guild. he is me, the person i long to be. here is his past his present and the place i go to play.


Welcome to my giuld, i am lord kain and you have become a guest, sit back and stay a while, i want to tell you more about me. I was found out at the front gates of a druid temple. alass i was abandoned as a young child. the temple priestess had found me and gave me shelter, they wondered wht to do with me. They knew i was different, they knew i was not one of them, but they gave me a home and alot of love, for that they always will be my family. as a young lad, my father ( the high priest lord raven ) had taught me the ways of old, the ways of a mage and a druid, they taught me well. i had to defend myslf from many creatures in my trainning but i survived. they gave me a name, it is ravenheart, but i prefer the name kain, my original name gave to me by my mother. i have a talisman that has it inscribed into the back, in sigil of course. but enough about that, my training involved : lots of reading and lots of patentince, magick both dark and light, how to read of course, hw to adapt to my surroundings, how to take and give to nature, how to travel undetected, how to hunt, who my gods and goddesses are, etc...

My main weapon of choice is a sword, my sword was givin to me by a really good friend, it has been impowered with eleven magick to protect me and keep me safe. My father, thought of me as read to leave the temple, so i told my mother goodbye, i grabbed channe and cried til my head burst with tears running like rivers down my fave, as i looked deeply into her eye's i backed up to look at ber most beautiful body, hour gass in shape, golden braded hair down to her lower back, eyes of baby blue, and a mind of wisdom, and great love. i grabbed her again and kissed her, hugged her close and tight and told her i will return someday for her, to give her a life and children, i told her how much i loved her, as she was cring for me not to go, my father stpes infront of me and tells me to go, and dont look back.

So i started my journey through the desert of Vernor, and made my way through the mountians, as i see a huge lake, i run to it and drink deeply of it. I make a longer journey to the inner part of Arangoth. I meet up with a man called Joka, he told me to follow the river through the hills and keep following it til i get to a part in the river, then i was to head north, so i went and found a little place outside of this huge city, i took it and here it is. welcome to my guild. as beautiful as the city itself, it may not be as big, but its big enough for me for now. i am searching for my origanial family and hoping they are still alive or live around the area. if not then i will not stop til i find them.


this is a picture of what i look like. ( Lord Kain )

my biggest fear, is that of eternal loneliness.

my favoprite drink: dark mead

my weakness: ladies

my strongpoints: wizardry, sowrdcraft, and learning.

my favorite saying: " the is never too much to learn, tis only to little brain!"