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merlin's sacred space
a little about myself


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i am vitiris and this is my profile. a long time ago i was seaching the web when i found the world of wicca. of course
i had to check it out so i did. then it hit me, i was wasting my tme with christianity. so i started studying the old ways and found myself becoming a wiccan, i am a vampyre as well, thats a long story not worth mentioning! anyways, as it seems i have a new way of doing things. ever sence my life had become as i bid it. now i have occult knowladge and i wish to share what i have learned. if i could say one thing about magick, it would be: " take your time and study, for the wisdom you find will create an imagination and an imagination in magick is the most powerful tool one can have!" for now i bid you farewell! blessed be!

personal thoughts: i am a vampyre that has no clan, if you happen to like what i do then by means, email me and i'll get right back to you.i can't tell you how much i hate the pain and misory that the rest of the world has brought to me. but i feed off all your emotion's and that gives me alot of what i need. i try not to stay at one place for to long. i drain enough from the storms, and all the plants and animals(that includes the human). the way i do things isn't quite the same as others, in fact i have no dreams i have no life, i was awakend a few days ago and i already have obsorbed all my friends energy. they were all pretty tired and eritable. i must leave now but i thought you might like to hear muy testemony on my lifestyle. *smiles* i will see you again.

well now let us not waste any time,

my real name:( its not your concern)
my age: 17 ( as of july, 10)
my hobbies: i research all the religions, and as you can see all the info i find i put on this site! i also like to do alot of other things, like party, read, play video games, watch t.v., play cards, make others happy, i also have a vivid imaination, i dream sometimes and it hurts but i enjoy it.

my girlfriends name: chelsey

my fav. music: death metal, metal, punk, alternitive, new age, anything but country and blues.

my lifestyle: laid back

my iq: genius

my life: boreing but livible

what is my fav. colors: black, blue, green, and purple

my fav. band: godhead, korn, limp bizkit, and alot more!

do i have any pets: yes, i have two cats, there names are baby boy and baby girl.

thats it for now!