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merlin's sacred space
what is a wiccan u ask?


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now, what it is that us wiccans do for you.

your probably thinking i'm pretty crazy or i'm evil. nay say i, i am someone of the divine arts olf nature, a healer in the mist of morning and the dark of night, i am the vertious one that people often talk about in story books. a healer of earth, a fighter from that which is evil. i am the protecter of that whic is sacred, i protect you so you can sleep, and you dare call me evil? what's your problem?

i do what i do to help mankind out so we can live in harmony. i will never stop this, its fun, i love helping out others when there in need and they understand that i am not evil, theym must believe that what i do will help them. they must understand that i am a person such as them, and i have feelings too. i wish you would get a clue. i will do what it takes to protect you and help you. i love doing this because it makes me a hero, a person such as those in old midevil times books such as robin hood!?! ring a bell???
he had a m0onk with him, a person who was good at heart and good to the people he was around. his wisdom and love for his friends ment that he would help out ain any way possible. you see, i am not evil. if i was evil i wouldn't protect you, i'd try to curse you or something. even satanist's, they aren't all evil. they have powers of mass distruction, but some of them dn't do evil. they do as they feel right. but if you cross them in any way they can become a very dangerous neusince. they are not all bad how ever. i have friends in this craft, not a satanist but a friend that practices voo doo. he's cool, he thinks the best time to curse some one in his own words "fucks me over bad!!!" paul isn't evil but he is vingful. he will have revenge on those who have little to no respect for him and his words. he asks one thing. never fuck him over.

thats all the time i have folks, if you'd like to send in anythinv tothis page click bellow and also type in the subject box: more about wicca! type it like that and send it in. if i feel its correct to use then i will post it and i will also give your credit to you. if you woyrked hard on it you will have glory on this page! i will know if it is hand writtin or writtin with someone else's words.

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