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here are the worlds deities! i am sure that if you call them they will come! well, thats it for here but keep up lookin.

African Deities

Akongo - Supreme god of the Ngombe of the Congo

Akovodoun - Cult of the dead in Dahomey

Akuj - Supreme god of the Turkana peoples of Kenya

Amma - Supreme god of the Dogon tribe of Mali

Anansi - Originally a creation god, became the Spider culture hero and trickster

Ataokoloinona - Son of the Supreme god of Madagascar

Balubaale - Collective name for the gods of earth, death, rainbow, lightning and plague in Bagandan (ugandan) belief

Bumba - Creator god of the Bushongo people of the Congo

Cagn (I Kaggen) - ('Praying mantis') creator god of the Bushmen of south Central Africa

Chewzi - Hero gods of the Nyoro of North Uganda

Danh - Snake god of Dahomey. (Also known as Dan Ayido Hwedo - the Haitian god Dan Petro)

Dugbo - Chief god of the earth in Sierra Leone

Dxui - Creator god of the Bushmen of south Central Africa

Fa - God of destiny in Dahomey

Famien - Guinea god of fertility

Ge (Gou) - Moon god of Dahomey

Gu - God of war and smiths of the Fon in West Africa

Gunab - Hottentot god of Evil, the opposite of the good god Heitsi-Eibib

Guruhi - Evil god of Gambia

Heitsi-Eibib - Benign sourcerer god of the Hottentots

Heviosso (Xevioso) - Thunder god of Dahomey, associated with Legba

Huveane - Creator god of the Basuto people of Lesotho

Juok - Creator god of the Shilluk people of East Africa

Kaka-Guia - Bringer of dead souls to the supreme god (psychopomp). Tribes of the Volta area

Kalumba - Creator god of the Luba of Zaire

Kho-dumo-dumo - Demon of the Basuto people of Lesotho

Kokola - Guardian god of Lake Victoria

Kwammang-a - God of the Bushmen of South Central Africa

Kyala - Creator god of the Nyakyusa of South West Tanzinia

Legba - Evil genius of Dahomey

Libanza - Supreme god of the Upotos of the Congo

Lisa - Chameleon deity of Dahomey

Macardit - Demon spirit of the Dink peoples of the Sudan

Massim-Biambe - Omnipotent creator god of the Mundang people of the Congo

Mawu - Chief god of Dahomey

Muluku - Supreme god of the Macouas of Zambesi

Mulungu - Creator god of the Yao of Malawi

Mungo (Mungu) - God of the Giryama of Kenya

Nanan-Bouclou - Haitian god of herbs and medicine

'Ndriananahary - Supreme god of the Malagasy peoples of Madagascar

'Nenaunir - Storm god of the Masai of Kenya

'Ngai - Creator god of the Masai in Kenya

Ngewo-wa - Creator god of the Mende of Sierra Leone

Ngworekara - Demon king of the Fan of the Congo

Nummo - Spirit couple of the Dogon tribe of Mali

Nyambe - God of the Koko of Niagra

Nyambi (Nyambe) - High god of the Barotse of Upper Zambesi

Nyame - High god of the Twi of West Africa

Nyamia Ama - God of storms, rain and lightning of Senegal

Nyankopon (Nyankopon Kweku, Onyankopon) - Sky god of the Ashanti of Ghana

Nyasaye - God of the Maragoli people of Kenya

Nzambi - Great goddess of the Bakongo people of the Congo

Nzame - High god of the Fan people of the Congo

Obassi Osaw - High god of the Hausa of the Niger

Ogun (Ogoun) - God of Iron and Warfare of the Nago and Yoruba people of West Africa

Omumbo-Rombonga - The tree of life of the Herero Bushmen of South west Africa

Rock-Sene - God of the Serer people of Gambia

Ruwa - High god of the Djaga of Kilimanjaro

Sagabata - God of smallpox in Dahomey

Sakurabru - God of medicine, justice and retribution of the Agni people of Guinea

Shango - Storm god of the Yoruba of West africa

Unkulunkulu - High god of the Amazulu. Also known as Nkulnkulu to the Ndevele (both Zimbabwe)

Waka - Benign rain god of the Galla of Ethiopia

We - Supreme god of the Kasena of Upper Volta

Wulbari - Supreme god of the Krachi of West Africa

Wuni - Supreme god of the Dagamba people of Ghana

Celtic Deities

Angus of the Brugh - (Oengus of the Bruig - mac Oc meaning 'young son')Father - Dagda, mother - Boannan

Arawn - God of Annwn (the Underworld)

Arianrhod - meaning either 'silver wheel' or 'high fruitful mother' daughter of don

Artio - Goddess of the Bear cult (similar to Artemis the Greek goddess)

The Badb - Red mouthed, bird shaped Goddess of War one of the Morrigan triad

Belatucadros - meaning 'fair shining one'. Horned god of war often equated with the Roman God Mars

Belenus - Bel, Belinus meaning 'shining'. Celtic fire or solar god, often equated with Apollo

Broannan - Goddess of the River Boyne, mother of Angus of the Brugh

Bodb - Irish Goddess of the battle

Bran - (The Blessed also meaning 'raven') hero god, brother of Manawydan ap Llyr

Branwen - Daughter of Llyr. One of the three matriarchs of Britain

Bres - Divine leader of the Tuatha De Danann

Brigantia - 'High One' Pastoral and river goddess

Brigit (Brigid) British/Irish Goddess of poets, healing and fertility

Cernunnos - Stag horned God of fertility and rebirth

Cerridwen (Caridwen/Ceridwyn/Kerridwen) - Celtic corn/dark moon Goddess of rebirth, wife of tegid Voel (lord of the Lake)

Coventina - Goddess of springs and waters

Creiddylad - (Cordelia) daughter of Llyr (Shakespeare wrote of Creiddylad and Llyr as Cordelia and Lear)

The Dagda - Irish Earth and father god

Danu - Celtic Mother Goddess, one of the Morrigan triad. Irish mother of the Tuatha De Danann

Dian Cecht - Healing God

Epona - Goddess of horses

Goibniu - God of smiths, one of the Tuatha De Danann (known as Govannon to the Welsh)

Gvenn Teir Bronn - Welsh triple breasted Goddess of motherhood

Gwydion - Welsh magician God

Hooded Spirits - Celtic triad of healing and fertility

Lir - Irish sea God (Llyr to the Welsh)

Lleu Llaw Gyffes - Welsh hero god (also known as Lug to the Celts)

Lug - Celtic hero god, Also known as.. Lugh, Lleu, Lleu Llaw Gyffes ('Bright one of the skillful hand'), Samildanach ('many skilled') and Find ('fair haired one')

Macha - ('crow') One aspect of the triple Morrigan. Celtic Goddess of war

Manannan mac lir - Celtic Fertility God of the sea. (Manawydan ap Llyr to the Welsh)

Manawydan ap Llyr - Welsh version of above

Math Mathonwy - Welsh sorcery God

Medb - Celtic Goddess of War

Midir - Chieftain god of the underworld

The Morrigan - Collective term for the triad of war Goddesses. Individually - Badb, Danu and Macha

Nuada - Argetlam - ('silver hand'), former leader of the Tuatha De Danann also known as Nud, Nodens, and Llud Llaw Ereint.

Ogmios, Ogma - Grianainech ('sun face') god of eloquence, inspiration and language

Pwyll - God of the underworld, known as Pwyll Pen Annwn ('Pwyll head of Annwn')

Tailtiu - Goddess of the Earth

Tuatha De Danann - The main family of Irish gods

Chinese Deities

Ao - The four dragon kings, gods of the rain and sea

Ch'ang-o - Goddess of the moon (wife of I)

Ch'eng-Huang - God of walls and ditches

Chih-Nii - Goddess of spinners (Daughter of Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti for whom she wove robes and clouds)

Ch-in-Shu-Pao - A guardian god

Erh-Lang - Guardian god who chased away evil spirits

Fan-K'uei - God of butchers

Feng-Po - The Earl of winds (carries winds in a goatskin flagon)

Feng-Po-Po - Goddess of winds (Replaced Feng-Po and rides through the clouds on a tiger)

Feng-Tu - Chief town of the land of the dead

Fu-Hsing - A god of happiness who's symbol is the bat. A deified human

Heng-Ha-Erh-Chiang - Guardian gods of the Buddhist temples

Hou-Chi - Ancient harvest god

Hauan-T'ien-Ti - Supreme Lord of the Dark Heaven

Hu Shen - God of hail

I - God of bowmen 'The Excellent Archer'

I-Ti - God of wine

Kuan-Ti - God of war and fortune telling

Kuan-Yin - Goddess of Mercy

K'uei-Hsing - God of examinations

Lao-Tien-Yeh - 'Father-Heaven' The Jade Emporor (Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti)

Lao-Tzu - Philosopher who was assigned divinity and was considered to be an incarnation of the Celestial Master of the First Origin. Compiled the book Tao te Ching (a collection of maxims)

Lei-Kung - God of thunder

Liu - God of crops

Lu-Hsing - God of salaries and employees

Lupan - God of carpenters

Ma-Mien - (Horse-face) Conducts people to hell (companion of Nin-Y'ou 'Ox-head)

Meng - Lives outside hell and provides the broth of oblivion which the dead must drink to erase their memories

Meng-T'ien - God of the writing brush

Men-Shen - Gods of the door. Pairs of gods who guard the doors of temples and houses

Mi-Hung-T'ang - The broth of oblivion

Niu-Y'ou - 'Ox-head' see Ma-Mien

Pa-Cha - A soldier in life, a deity who protected against locusts

Pa-Hsien - The Eight Immortals. Permitted to eat the peaches of immortality (P'an-T'ao) because of virtue

P'an-Chin-Lien - Goddess of prostitutes

P'an-T'ao - The peaches of immortality

Pi-Hsia-Yuan-Chun - Protectress of childbirth, women and children

Shen-T'u - Guardian god

Shou-Hsing - God of longevity

Shou-Ts'ang - Servant god of Kuan-Ti

Shui-Kuan - 'Agent of water' part of the triad of Taoist Gods including the 'Agent of Heaven' and the 'Agent of Earth'

Sun-Chiang - God of thieves

Sun-Pin - God of cobblers

T'ai-Yueh-Ta-Ti - The Great Emporor of the Eastern Peak

Tien-Hou - Empress of Heaven

T'ien-Kuan - 'Agent of Heaven' One of the triad of Taoist gods

Tien-Mu - Goddess of lightning

Tien-Wang - The Heavenly Kings. Buddhist gods who guard the four doors of the four directions

Ti-Kuan - 'Agent of Earth' One of the triad of Taoist gods

Ti-Tsang-Wang-Pu-Sa - God of mercy

Ts'ai-Lun - God of stationers

Tsai-Shen - God of wealth

Ta'ang Chien - God of writing

Tsao-Wang - God of the hearth

Tu-Ti - Gods of the locality (genii-locii)

Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang - Lady Wang keeper of the peaches of immortality (wife of the Jade Emperor)

Wen-Chang-Ta-Ti - God of literature

Yeng-Wang-Yeh - 'Lord Yama King' the foremost of the ten Yama kings or Lords of Death

Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti - The Jade Emperor 'Father Heaven'

Yu-Tzu - God of rain

Yun-T'ung - God of the clouds

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Egyptian Deities

Ash (Thoth, Khons) - God of the moon

Amenhotep - Raised to the rank of god due to his archetectural genius and achievements

Ament - Goddess of the land of the west

Ammut - Demonic goddess who attends the hudging of the dead

Amun (Amon, Ammon, Amen) - Local god of the city of Thebes (Nut Amun)

Anhur - Sky god

Anta (Anat) - Daughter of Ra (aspect of Ishtar)

Anubis (Anpu) - Funerary god of embalming and tombs

Anuket (anqet, Anukis) Divine wife of Khnum

Apep (Apophis) - Demon enemy of the sun

Apis (Hap) - a bull god

Astarte - A Cannanite goddess thought to be a daughter of Ra

Aten - God of the Pharaoh Akhenaten

Atum (Tum, Tem) - Evening aspect of the sun god Ra

Auf (Efu Ra) - an aspect of the sun god Ra

Ba Neb Tetet (Banebdedet, Baneb Djedet, Banaded) - Ram god

Bastet (Bast) - Cat-headed sun goddess

Bes - A guardian god

Duamutef (Tuamutef) - A funerary god, son of Horus

Geb (Keb, Seb) - Earth god

The Great Ennead (of Heliopolis) - 9 gods which make up a protective dynasty about Ra

Hapy - A funerary god

Hathor - Goddess of love, tombs and the sky

Heket (Heqet) - Goddess of creation and the germination of crops

Horus - Sun god

Hu - 'Authoritative utterance' One of the sun god Ra's attendants

Imhotep - God of learning and medicine

Isis (Aset, Eset) - The embodiment of ideal motherhood and womanhood. Sister/wife of Osiris, mother of Horus

Khepra (Khepri, Khepera) - Scarab aspect of the sun god Ra

Khnum (Khnemu) - God of fecundity and creation from the Cataract area

Khons ({Khonsu, Khensu) - God of the moon

Maahes - Son of Ra and Bastet

Maat - goddess of truth and justice

Mehen - Divine snake who protected Ra in his coils through the Kingdom of Night

Mertsegar - Funerary goddess of the Theban necropolis

Meskhent - Goddess of childbirth

Mesta (Imseti) - One of Horus' sons who guards the human viscera after mummification.

Min (Minu, Menu) - Ithyphallic god of sex

Mont (Month, Menthu, mentu) - Falcon headed god of war

Mut - Sky goddess (wife of Amun Ra)

Nefertem (Nefertum, Iphtimis) - Son of Ptah and Sekhmet

Nehebkau - Serpent god of the Underworld

Neheh (Heh) - Personification of eternity

Neith (Neit) - goddess of war and domestic arts (especially weaving)

Nekhebet - Guardian goddess of Upper Egypt who looks after children and mothers

Nephythys (Nebthet) - Goddess of the dead

Nun (Nu) - The primal waters (the source of life)

Nut - Goddess of the sky

Osiris - Vegitation god linked with corn, later became the god of the dead and supreme funerary deity

Ptah - God of artisans, designers, builders, metal workers, architects and masons

Ptah-seker-Osiris - Composite funerary god made up of the three gods in the name

Qebhsunf (Qebehsenuf) - Visceral guardian son of Horus

Qetesh - Goddess of love

Ra - God of the sun

Renenutet (Ernutet, Renenet) - Goddess of harvest and the suckling of babies

Renpet - Goddess of youth and springtime

Resheph (Reshpu) Warrior god crowned with gazelle's horns

Saa - Personification of intelligence

Sebek (Sobk, Suchos) Crocodile god of Fayum

Seker (Soker, Socharis) A funerary god of the Mempgis necropolis

Sekhmet (Sakhmet) Goddess of war and battle

Selket (Selchis, Selquet) - Guardian goddess of conjugal union

Septu (Sopd, Sopdu) - War god

Serapis - National god of Ptolemaic Egypt

Seshat (Sesheta) - Goddess of writing and letters and archives

Set (Seth, Seti, Sutekh) - God of thunder and storm. Personification of evil in the battle against good

Shait - goddess of destiny

Shu - God of air and atmosphere

Tanen (Tathnenen) - Ptah ia the aspect of an earth god

Taureret (Taurt, Thoueris) - Goddess of childbirth

Tefnut (Tefenet) - goddess of moisture (especially atmospheric moisture, dew, rain and mist)

Thoth (Tehuti, Thout, Djehuti, Zehuti) - Great god of wisdom, magic, music, medicine, asronomy, geometry, surveying, drawing and writing

Uajyt (Uatchet, Per Uadjit, Uazet, Uto, Buto) - Guardian goddess of Lower Egypt

Wepwawet (Upuaut, Ophois) - 'Opener of Roads' wolf headed god of the Underworld
Haitian Deities

Agwe - God of waters, wind, thunder, canon fire, boats and sea shells

Ayida - Rainbow goddess

Azacca - God of agriculture

Badessy - Minor sky god

Bossu - Malevolent Voodoo spirit

Brigitte - Female counterpart of Baron Samedi (see Ghede). She protects the graves in cemetaries which are marked with his cross

Damballah - Serpent god

Dan Petro - God of farmers

Erzulie - Goddess of love, beauty, flowers, jewels, dancing and fine clothes

Ghede - God of the dead

Legba - God of the psychic crossroads where above meets below

Mait' Carrefour - 'Lord of the crossroads' god of magicians

Marassa - Twin gods of Voodoo (See Lisa in African section)

Marinette - Earth goddess (wife of Ti-Jean Petro)

Mounanchou - Minor Haitian god

Nanan-Bouclou - Primal god who is both male and female and created the twins, Mawu-Lisa, from whom all the Voodoo gods descended. (See African section)

Ogoun - God of war, politics, fire, iron and thunderbolts

Simbi - Voodoo patron of the rains and benevolent magicians

Ti-Jean Petro - Serpent deity (Son of Dan Petro)
Indian Deities

Aditi - Hindu goddess of the sky, the past and the future

Agastya - Hindu protector of the god Rama (son of Varuna and Urvasi)

Agni - Hindu god of fire

Angiris - Hindu angels who preside over sacrifice

Ardhanarisvara - Hindu composite deity made up of Siva and Siva's female power (shakati)

Asparas - Hindu heavenly, lascivious nymphs

Asuras - Hindu tian-like demonic wizards. Evil spirits who are the enemy of the Devas (gods)

Asvins (Nasatyas) - Hindu gods of healing

Atri - Hindu son of Brahma

Bali - A Hindu demon

Bhrigus - Hindu storm gods who communicate between heaven and earth

Bhutas - Hindu ghosts/goblins that haunt cemetaries

Boddhisattvas - Buddhist gods

Brahma - Father of gods and men, creator of the universe. First god in the supreme Hindu triad: Brahma, Vishnu, Siva

Brihaspati - Hindu teacher and chaplain of the gods

Buddha - 'The Divine teacher' an incarnation of Vishnu

Daksha - One of the Hindu lords of creation

Devas - Hindu gods

Durga - Hindu aspect of Jaganmatri (the Divine Mother) wife of the god Siva, part of the triad of goddesses which includes Ums and Parvati

Gandharvas - Hindu gods of the air

Ganga - Hindu goddess of purification of the river Ganges

Hanuman - Hindu King of the Monkeys

Hari Hara - Hindu composite deity made up of Vishnu and Siva

Indra - Hindu god of war and fertility

Jaganmatri - Hindu 'World-Mother' 'Durga'

Jalandhara - A Hindu Asura (demon)

Kali (Kali Ma) - The 'black mother' Hindu goddess of nature (ogress wife of Siva)

Karttikeya - Hindu god of war

Krishna - Incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu

Kuvera (Kubera) - Hindu god of wealth

Lakshmi - Hindu goddess of love and beauty

Manasa-Devi - Hindu serpent goddess who upheld the sleeping Vishnu in the primal waters

Maruts - Hindu storm and air gods

Mitra - Hindu counterpart of the Persian and Roman sun god Mithras

Nagas - Hindu race of evil snakes that reside in the underworld (Patala)

Parvati - Hindu mother goddess (wife of Siva)

Pisakas - Evil Hindu deities

Prajapati - Hindu lord of creation

Prisni - Hindu goddess of the earth and darkness, mother of the Maruts

Puchan - Hindu god of meeting

Purusha - Hindu mystic dwarf god

Rakshasas - Hindu evil spirits

Raktavija - Hindu giant general of the demon army

Rama - Hindu hero god and incarnation of Vishnu

Ravana - Hindu demon king of the Rakshasas (fallen angel)

Rhibus - Hindu craft gods

Rudra - Hindu ancient Vedic god of the dead and prince of demons, the original of Siva

Saranyu - Hindu goddess of clouds. Mother of the kindly Nasatyas (See Asvins)

Sati - Hindu 'good wife' The focus of all the mant nameless mother goddesses

Savitri (Savitar)- A Hindu king of heaven and god of active power

Sita - 'The Furrow' faithful wif of Rama

Siva (Shiva) - God of the cosmic dance. One of the Hindu triad along with Brahma and Vishnu

Soma - Hindu moon god

Surya - Hindu sun god

Tara - Hindu goddess, wife of Brihaspati

Tvashtar (Tvashtri) - Hindu god who gives life to all things

Uma (Parati, Durga among others) - Hindu corn and mother goddess

Urvasi - Hindu goddess of success in love affairs

Ushas - Hindu goddess of the dawn

Varuna - Hindu god of cosmic law and order (linked with mitra)

Vishnu - Hindu god of love

Visvakarma - Hindu divine artificer, craftsman and smith

Yaksha and Yakshi - Fiendish attendants of Kuvera

Yama - Hindu god of the dead
Japanese Deities

Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone - God of thunder

Ama-No-Minakanushi-No-Kami - Divine Lord of the Middle Heavens

Ama-No-Uzume - A fertility goddess

Amaterasu - Goddess of the sun

Ama-Tsu-Kami - The gods of heaven (as opposed to the gods of earth Kuni-Tsu-Kami)

Amatsu-Mikaboshi - God of evil

Ame-No-Hohi - A god who disappeared whilst investigating events on earth

Ame-No-Oshido-Mimi - Son of the goddess Amaterasu

Ame-No-Wakahiko - A courageous god who died whilst trying to kill a pheasant

Benzaiten - Goddess of love

Bishamon - God of happiness and war

Chimata-Mo-Kami - God of crossroads

Gozo-Tenno - Ox headed Celestial King god of plague

Haya-Ji - God of the whirlwind

Hikohohodemi - A hero god (triplet son of Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime)

Hiruko - God of the morning sun, guardian of childrens' health

Hisa-Me - 'Frowning Women' Female devils from the land of the dead

Hoderi - One of the triplets born to Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime, wife of the god Ninigi

Ho-Masubi - God of fire

Hosuseri - Triplet son of Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime

Inari - God of rice

Izanagi - A creator god

Izanami - Divine mother (sister and wife to the god Izanagi)

Kami - General name signifying divinity

Kami-Musubi - Goddess mother of Sukuna-Bikona who resurrected the god O-Kuni-Nushi

Kami-Nari - God of rolling thunder

Kappa - A water demon

Kawa-No-Kami - God of Kawa (rivers)

Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime - Daughter of the mountain god O-Yama-Tzu-Mi

Kuni-Tsu-Kami - The gods of the earth (as opposed to the gods of heaven)

Nai-No-Kami - God of earthquakes

Naka-Yama-Tsu-Mi - God of mountain slopes

Ninigi - Ruler of the earth

O-Kuni-Nushi - God of medicine and sorcery

Omiwa - O-Kuni-Nushi's protective deity

O-Wata-Tsumi - Sea god 'Old Man of the Tide'

O-Yama-Tsu-Mi - Mountain god

Sae-No-Kami - Guardian gods of the roads

Sakayamuni - Japanese name for Buddha

Sengen-Sama - Goddess of the holy mountain Fujiyama

Shichi-Fukujin - The seven gods of happiness

Shiko-Me - Female devils (see Hisa Me)

Shine-Tsu-Hiko - God of the wind

Shitatera-Hime - Wife of Ame-No-Wakahiko

Soko-No-Kuni - 'DeepLand' or 'Hell'

Suitengu - Child-god of the sea

Sukana-Bikona - Son of the goddess Kami-Musubi

Susanoo - God of thunder, rain, storms, snakes and agriculture

Take-Mi-Musubi - Companion and adviser to Amaterasu, the sun goddess

Taki-Tsu-Hiko - 'Prince Cataract' god of rain

Tsuki-Yomi - God of the moon

Uke-Mochi-No-Kani - Goddess of food
Norse Deities

Aegir - God of the sea, strength of the ocean for good or bad

Aesir - Race of the gods founded by Odin (In a constant feud with the Vanir, another family of gods)

Alaisiagae - War goddesses (see Valkyries)

Alcis - Twin gods of the sky

Alfheim - The realm beyond Asgard (home of the gods) where the fair elves live

Andarvi - A dwarf

Angrboda - A giantess who mothered Loki's monstrous children including Hel, Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent

Baldur - 'The Beautiful' Heroic god son of Odin

Boe - Son of Odin and Rinda who avenged the death of Baldur

Bor - Son of Buri and father of Odin, Vili and Ve

Bragi - God of poetry

Donar - God of thunder

Elli - A woman who bested Thor is a wrestling competition. Her name meaning 'old age'

Fafnir - A dragon god son of Hreidmar

Fenrir (Fenris Wolf) - Child of Loki and Angrboda

Fjorgynn - Mother of Thor representing the earth

Forseti - Son of Baldur, divine giver of good laws

Freyja - Goddess of sex (daughter of Njord, twin sister of Freyr)

Freyr - God of fertility (son of Njord, twin brother of Freyja)

Frigg - Goddess of fertility (wife of Odin, mother of Baldur, queen of asgard)

Garm - Hound of the underworld. Possibly as aspect of Fenrir, he will break free at the Ragnarok and kill the god Tyr

Gefjun (Gefion) - The goddess who receives virgins after their death

Heimdall - 'The White God' Guardian of the bridge Bifrost

Hel - goddess of death, ruler of Niflheim (land of mists)

Hermod - Son of Odin

Hoder - Blind god who killed Baldur with a sprig of mistletoe

Hymir - A giant

Idunn - Goddess who guards the golden apples of youth (wife of Bragi)

Ing - Founder god of the Anglo-Saxons

Kvasir - Wisest of the gods created from the spittle of both the Aesir and the Vanir

Logi - Personification of fire

Loki - God of mischief

Mimir - God of wisdom

Nanna - Goddess-wife of Baldur

Nehallennia - Goddess of plenty

Nerthus - Goddess of earth

Njord - God of sea and ships

Odin (Othinn, Woden, Wotan) - God of battle, death and inspiration, hanged men. Chief god of the Aesir

Otr - 'Otter' son of Hreidmar, Killed by Loki

Ragnarok - 'Destruction of the powerful ones' apocalypse

Ran - Goddess of the sea (wife of Aegir)

Sif - goddess wife of Thor

sigyn - Goddess wife of Loki

Sleipnir - Eight legged horse of Odin

Thor (Donar, Thunor) - God of thunder, the sky, weather and weather dependant crops

Tiwaz - Germanic god of battle

Tyr - Battle god identified with Tiwaz

Ull - A minor god

Utgard-Loki - A supernatural giant

Valkyries (Alaisiagae) - 'Choosers of the Slain' nearest Norse equivalent to the Celtic Morrigan

Vanir - Family of norse fertility gods (always feuding with the Aesir)

Weland (Volundr, Wieland, Wayland) - God of smiths