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merlin's sacred space
circle casting and closing


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circle casting
set up your altar and then follolw this simple circle casting ritual.

vizualizte this white ball of energy coming from your hands. shape it and then spred it out across the room.
then repeat the following:

earth, air ,fire, and water,
protect me in my rite,mother
and father , assist me in my rite.
gardians protect me, and allow who i ask to come inside. my cirle is cast, that it be between the worlds.

the circle closing.

go around the circle the oppesite way of starting. or counterclockwise and say:

"thanks you watchtower for guarding me at this time, go if thee must, stay if ye will!"

do this at all four corners and say the following:

" i cast this circle to the universe, always brightly glowing, never closing." so it is done!