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merlin's sacred space


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this gose beyond all i beleave! but, it will gain you some insight as to what a spell is. i didn't want to psot any spells but i have reseved emails saying you wanted me to post more spells so as you all have guessed i finally ill post some!

Spell Ethics

1. Bear in mind cause and affect, the threefold law, the law of retribution, and/or karma. Whatever you do, good or ill, comes back to you. In other words, if you do nasty stuff, prepare to get much nastier stuff back. (Makes more sense to do good, and get that back)

2. Do not place spells ON people unless they ask you specifically, or with their permission. To do otherwise goes against free will, and is WRONG. If you are working and possibly changing someone's true thoughts and feelings, you are manipulating them, which goes against the belief of "Harm None". (Special side note on love spells: A spell to draw love to you, with no one in mind, is fine. If you are casting a love spell on someone, or with someone specific in mind, whether for yourself or someone else, it's WRONG. Many have likened it to psychic rape. They may not have that romantic interest, but you FORCED them anyway. Above rules apply)

3. When casting a spell, make sure you are specific about what you want. There is no room for being vague. Make sure you know exactly what you want, and state how you want it. There is nothing worse than casting a spell, and the spell works, but just not the way you wanted it to.

4. Treat your spells with respect. Don't just hand them out willy nilly. You worked hard to be able to use them. You studied, and learned, and practiced (at least you SHOULD have).

5. Don't dabble, spell work is serious business. Take it seriously, and be respectful. You are working WITH the Divine in order to bring the spell to fruition. If you mock or are sloppy, you may find the spell doesn't work, or backfires


days which to cast spells:

days spells relatng to

sunday, ambiton, career, healing, sport, and success

monday, child birth, clairvoyance, fiminine qualities, home, psychic powers.

tuseday, courage,sexual, energy, men, war.

wednesday, acting, communication, education, mental agility, travel

thursday, buisness, expansion, insurance, law, politcal power.

friday, arts, beauty,entertainment,enviorment,love, music

saturday, agriculture, inheritance,karma, property.


month lucky days unlucky days

january, 3,10,27,31, 13,23

febuary, 7,8,18 2,10,17,22

march, 3,9,12,14,16 13,19,23,28

april, 5,17 18,20,29,30

may, 1,2,4,6,9,14 10,17,20

june, 2,6,10,23,30 4,20

july, 2,6,10,23,30 2,13,27,31

august, 5,7,10,14 2,13,27,31

september, 6,10,13,18,30 13,16,18

october, 13,16,25,31 3,9,27

november, 1,13,23,30 6,25

december, 10,20,29 15,26

and i would like to add that, spells are a prayer, to write your own raises your power plus the power of the spell. if you ever need any help go to the many web sites and ask the web master or anyone there to help give you any info you'll need.

its not hard to write your own spells, its actully fairly easy when you get through it, all it really requires is a bit of research. once your done with it, try your spell out see if you have made any mistakes and fix them. i can't even really tell you that mine work because i haven't tried them yet. but i've put alot of research into them so i'm sure they'll work out fine! but keep in mind the law of three!


The circle is the sacred space in which magick is worked, where Witches can meet with the Goddess and God. The word "circle" may be misleading, though, because actually what you are creating is a sphere that encompasses all participants and the altar.

The Circle is formed with personal power that is felt and visualized as coming from your power hand (the one you write with), athame, or wand, to form a sphere of energy around you. Most like to "mark" their circle on the ground or floor prier to casting (see blow for some ideas). Once the energy is coming through, walk the Circle three times deosil, (clock-wise) while envisioning the energy trailing after you to form the Circle. When you are done making the Circle, shake your hand to shut off the energy flow. Next you can call the Quarters. There are many types of Quarters. Some of which are; Angels, Elementals (completely different from "Element energies"), Watchtowers, Fairy, Element energies (completely different from "Elementals") etc. You should use the one you feel the most comfortable with, and the one with whom you feel affinity toward. To call the Quarters, you should imagine a door allowing the Quarter to come in and guard your Circle. All quarter energies should be thanked and released in the same manner they were called.


Power Chant

I take the power in my hands,
From air and fire, water and land
Power of the guardians and divinit,
Moves ands pulsates, the energy in me.
I build, I birth, I bring to form,
I raise with might an energy storm.

I shape I build the ultimate power,
From me blooms a perfect flower.
Of strength,Of healing,Of force,Of light,
Of ancient power within me this night!

By: SilverToad


Like calmness after hurricane,
Gentle breeze following rain,
Goddess, ease away my fright
And guard all within my sight.


Great Goddess hear my plea,
Grant the wish I chant to thee:
Bring clouds both large and gray,
Send the pouring rains my way.
Spare me from the wrathful sun.
As I will it, so let it be done!

By: Em