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merlin's sacred space
art and poetry


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we want your poems and pics. we love to get stuff from the people out there, so if you have a poem or a drawing, pic, painting, anything, then feel free to send it in. remember not all art is judged by its looks. blessed be,


"what am i?"

by: vitiris

what am i? what is it that i'm suposed to do? where am i to go?
why are we here, what is the awnsers to all my questions. why can't i find love, why do i feel empty?
what is it that i am to do with the awnsers when they arise? why do we hate,m why doi we fear?
why do we love, just to turn around and to hurt us? do we have any other forms of life around us? is there a light to find, is there a heaven?
or was it created by man to help ease the pain?
when can i have the awnsers to all these questions?

why, why, why, why must i ask questions?

"the mind"
by: vitiris

the worlds that never seem to end are those in our minds, and the mind is a world no one relly travel's anymore,
imagination can take you anywhere, at any time, to any time. what mysteries are the mind conceling? your deepest darkest secrets that if some can read, it can be a powerful tool, the world in your mind is a vast place full of the wisdom you posses. if at all, the mind can be minipulated in ways that can change many men and women into beleaving in what the person that minipulted there minds wants, the mind is a tool for war, for peace, for emotions,
life and many other things that cannot be listed. you understood your mind more often when you were kids, and more accesed while your a kid too. the mind is a wonderful, and great place to visit .

"thanks to the kids i see every day, they make me feel young again."


these feelings i have are more inhanced to be a hunter, a knight of eternal darkness, i am a dark prince. because i am, your my prey. you are nothing to me!! i am the dark prince and in a forever night. welcome to the darkness, i feed upon your soul. you have no idea how dark things are until you have laid on the floor in pain from having not eatin in a few days. your soul is mine!