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this has nothing to do with wicca but it taste's great and its very fast.

tortila pizza:

ingredents; 2 flour tortila's, one bag fine shredded mozerilla cheese, one can pizza sauce and what ever topping you want.

place the flour tortila's down on a pan big enough to hold them: preheat the oven to 400 degree's, add your pizza sauce, about 1 handful of cheese, some toppings, another handful of cheese, and then place in the oven for about ten minute's or until the cheese melts, pull out of the oven and roll up like a burrito, then let it cool for about three minutes in the fridge. take out, and enjoy.

a ritual wine you can make yourself.

take a can of wleches grape juice, and make it to the instructions on the can, next take three packets dry yeast and put it in an air tight jar, and put in the fridge for three month's. also, if you want the wine to get more powerful then leave in the fridge for a longer period of time. peace!

Rum-Spiced Cider

2 qts. apple cider, preferably fresh and unfiltered
1/3 c. packed light brown sugar
2 pieces (2 inches each) cinnamon stick
12 whole cloves
12 allspice berries
2 c. dark rum
1/2 stick (4 tbsps.) unsalted butter, sliced into 8 pats
(optional) 8 long cinnamon sticks, for garnish

1.In a nonreactive pan, combine the cider, brown sugar, short cinnamon sticks, cloves, and all-spice.
2.Set over medium-low heat, partially cover, and slowly bring just to a boil, stirring occasionally and skimming any scum that forms on the surface.
3. Meanwhile, divide the rum among 8 large mugs & Drop a pat of butter and a cinnamon stick into each mug.
4.Strain the cider into the mugs and serve immediately.
Serves 8


2 litre 7-UP
1 magnum champagne
1 quart lime sherbert
fruit slices such as oranges, pineapple etc.

1.Soften the lime sherbert. It should be almost soupy, but not quite.
2.Place one half of the quart in a large punch bowl.
3. Pour the champagne and the 7-UP, at the same time, over the sherbert until the bowl is full.
4. Stir until mixed, but not vigorously.
5. Add some of the fruit slices for color.

This tastes very creamy and refreshing. You can make it non-alcoholic by using gingerale and 7-UP.
2 litre 7-UP
1 quart of a good fruity white wine such as a gewerstraminier
1 1/2 pineapple sherbert
Proceed as above.


CAUTION! If you live in an area heavy with pollution, I would not recommend this recipe!!

3 cups snow
2 Tbsp. milk
Flavoring Any Kind
3 to 4 cups sugar, or to taste

1.Put snow in a large bottle.
2. Add milk and the flavoring of your choice.
3.Add sugar.
4.Seal bottle with lid or cap and shake until milky.
This drink can be stored in the refrigerator.
7-8 cups


We LOVE this easy to make punch. Unlike some other punches, it isn't a sweet sticky thing. It's fruity and refreshing and packs a "punch".

Put 10 pounds of ice cubes in a large canning pot, about four hours before you want to serve the punch, then, Dump on top of the ice:
2 large cans frozen, unthawed orange juice
1 large can frozen unthawed pink lemonade
1 large can frozen unthawed limeade
1 small jar maraschino cherries, juice included, optional
1 quart vodka
mix it, but not too much!
It looks dreadful for about three hours, lumps of ice and lumps of frozen juice. The pot gets covered in a thick layer of frost rather quickly, so don't set it out on a nice surface unless the bottom is well insulated! All of a sudden, it turns into punch.
Stir it a few times during the four hours.
NOTE: don't refrigerate this while it's making.

some of the recipies here, i found at the dungeon of diversity, i tried them and fell inlove with each of them! thanks dungeon of diversity, i had to post them on my web site!

~energy tea~

first of all take a glass that your going to drink out of and fill to desired level,

2 teaspoons of black tea, (the lipton brisk tea is the best.)
1 part rosemary
3 shakes of cinnamon
2 shakes of ground nutmeg
2 shakes of tarragon leaves
sugar( to taste)

put all the ingredints in a pot of desired water then boil.
its that easy, serve warm.