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merlin's sacred space
What religion are you?


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well know, your intrested in learning the very few different religions and mystical ways, and different occult science' found the right place. we have extancive research on various religions. i myself have studied most and praciced some. i hope you find exactlly what your looking for.


wiccan: i start here because it is a great place to start for a beginner. they are peaceful people that don't like to cause trouble. these people worship nature. the goddess, earth and the father, moon. they have holidays called sabbats. these people are white magicians, and they never cause harm. the three fold law" harm none, and do as thee will."

satanist: these people are all about distruction and chaos!
they aren't bad people to have on your side. but i wouldn't become one myself. they worship the god lucipher.( i think i mispelled that but i care not of spelling)

magecraft: these are some powerful creatures and are not to be fucked with. they can minipulate energy, put thought's in your head, they can read your thoughts. they can be bblack magicians or white. they all are bad asses and i would like to learn more about there way.

this is all i have. any other info to be tought i will post in my. if you have info to put here email me and i will post it.