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merlin's sacred space


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here it is, just for those who needed it that won't stop emailing me for help. so here ya go you lucky peeps.
lol! keep on mailing me with improvment idea's and i'll keep puting it in.

all you need to do to preform meditation, is find a quite rom in your house. tell those around to not bother you while your doing this, turn the ringer on your phone off.
take big, deep breaths of air and try not to think of anything for the first three minutes, then start seeing wha ever you wish, vizualize it doing something of your choice, then try taking it to the max, by making it larger or smaller! here is an example,

i see a ceramic coofeee cup with no design, next i make it bigger hten smaller, then i take it and fill it up with coffee, that comes from the sky, next i take it and spin it, while the coffee is in, i make it spill, and i have completed my exercise,

now, you probably won't be able to do the feature's i just mentioned, but you can with practise. keep trying and i you will get very far!

he he he he he! i just taught you how t improve your mind without drugs. isn't that something! i wont tell you not to do drugs but i do say that ,magick and drugs don't mix, whenever you preform something with magick, drugs fuck it up! so nevermix magick and drugs at the same time, i can care less what you do when your done with the magick feat. just because i do drugs, i never do them after i found out hw bad it can be for one little fuck up or disruption because your high. i made it clear and if you wish to know what happens then go ahead.